LYRA President

Dr Matthew Bothwell

I am an outreach astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.

I was an undergraduate at the University of Southampton, and studied for my Master’s at the Harvard Center of Astrophysics. I recieved my PhD in 2011 from the University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Rob Kennicutt and Dr. Scott Chapman on the thesis “Galaxy evolution, near and far”. Before taking up my current outreach position, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona (2011-2012), and the Astrophysics group at the University of Cambridge (2012-2017).

My research interests are centred around understanding galaxy evolution across cosmic time. At high redshift, I study some of the most luminous and extreme galaxies in the Universe. These extreme galaxies are a great laboratory for testing our knowledge of gas physics, star formation laws, and galaxy evolution, while providing an important challenge for our understanding of the growth of structure in the Universe.
In the local Universe I use large surveys for gas, metals, and stars, to shed light on the physical processes governing the evolution of galaxies across all cosmic epochs.
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